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These are 100% pure and naturally sourced products

All our face packs and body scrubs are made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients picked up from the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda. Our products are cruelty free natural and packed with love. Join us in our journey of discovering the secrets of Ayurveda in modern skin care regime. 
Want to indulge in a relaxing therapeutic and leaisurely bath, try our Ubtan Body Scrub.

Ubtan is believed to be the very first natural cosmetic that ever exisited. We have followed the ancient recipe for today's skin care regime. This scrub contains all the right ingredients required to balance your tri doshas and
re-energize you for the day and to even conclude your tiring day.  

The turmeric in the Ubtan body scrub contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria. It helps remove toxins from the body through instant absorbtion while gently exfoliating the dead skin cells and relieving the body from excess heat. 
Do you often wonder why your skin suffer? That is because we throw chemicals and ingredients we didn’t know existed onto our faces, just because all those billion-dollar beauty brands told us to. However symptoms like acne, eczema and early wrinkles are appearing as a result of a deeper imbalance wihtin your  body and these unwanted appearence to your face are your body’s way of begging you to detox and naturalize. So begin this naturlizing and detoxyfying process with our Ubtan face pack. 

This face pack contains psoralea seeds and vetiver, both being highly regarded medicinal ingredients in India. Vetiver is the holy grail and is reduces acne marks and dark spots when used regularly. The psolralea seeds are the best antioxidants and have anti-aging properties, making the skin tight and firm thus delaying the appearence of wrinkles. 
Have that evening out or that special date? Our Rose Face Pack is perfect for such occasions. It is refreshing, soothing and has cooling properties and the arome of fresh rose petals will set your mood for the eveing.

All our face packs carry follow tips from the old age wisdom and same goes for our Rose face pack. Rose petals have been a part of skin care and detox in ancient Ayurveda for many years. The natural oils and sugar contained in rose petals act as natural moisturisers for dry skin cells. Roses have been used as a symbol of love and forgiveness since the time we have known and that is because they soothe the heart, emotions and balance the mind. Along with fuller's earth and sweet flag, this face pack is soothing and moisturizing for the skin.  

Roses are known to enhance coordination between Sadhaka Pitta and Prana Vata (subdosha of Vata, that governs the brain, head, chest, respiration, sensory perception and the mind).  Rose is naturally cooling and yet it enhances the agni, the digestive fire.  Bundle with this unique quality our Rose face pack is balancing for all the three sharirik dosas, the Vata, Kapha and Pitta and is suitable for all skin types. 

Fruits are great, but the humble Orange is just phenomenol, full of ingredients that will help boost your complexion. We all know that oranges are bundled  with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Even the orange peels that we throw away have a much higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients than the fruit itself which are great for a glowing skin. Orange peel powder treats various types of skin problems, including acne, blackheads, blemishes and even uneven skin tone. 

Our rich blend of the orange peel powder combined with the pureness of Fuller's earth, Zedoary and Sweet Flag will satiate your daily dose of Vitamin C and give you that fresh and smooth skin.